About Us


Who We are?

The Suntech Structural systems Pvt Ltd is developed with features to meet application requirements of simplicity, efficiency and meet market demands of cost competitiveness. The mission is to design the Suntech Structural systems which will be efficiently applied in all buildings and Civil engineering works.

We as a specialist agency in post tensioning, Ground Anchor and Rebar threading works to offer efficient structural solution to building works. We involve in exploring appropriate Engineering systems and construction, optimized design for Post tensioning and Ground Anchoring works in Buildings.

Suntech has a core team of passionate management staff supported by Potential design team to provide appropriate structural solution to client. We are having an experienced execution team of engineers and supervisors with trade-skilled work force to deliver the scope of works without leaving any hassles to our clients.

In addition to the efficiency of systems design, all product of Suntech are also designed and manufactured under a quality control program to meet international standards thus ensuring that all clients would achieve the best value at a competitive cost.

Regardless of time constraints, Suntech is always committed to be the leading business partner of all clients and continue to commit to high quality products and services.